Icky Help

One day, a little boy was brought in to the hospital with a stomach problem. He had eaten something poisonous. A nurse that I know gave him the emetic, Syrup of Ipecac. The medicine had its intended effect. The little boy vomited out the poison. Of course, he felt even worse. He looked up at the nurse and said, “Could you give me a little more of that medicine. I feel terrible.” He thought that the medicine would make him feel better. And he trusted the nurse. He was right about the long-term outcome. The medicine caused his body to get rid of what was hurting him. In the end, he would feel better. But the short-term outcome was different. The medicine made him temporarily feel worse than he did before. Prayer can be like this. Sometimes when we ask for God to intervene in our lives, He does things that make us feel worse. But they are for our good. In the end, when we look back from His perspective, it all makes sense. We can trust the process because we trust the Person.