Clogged Sound

Over time, my previous cellular phone changed. It became harder and harder to hear what people were saying. I began to wonder if I was losing my hearing. I really struggled to understand what some people were saying. One day, I took a closer look and discovered the problem. Pocket lint had accumulated in the little groove where the sound came out. I used a pointed object to scrape out the fuzz. And the next person who phoned was very clear to hear. The problem was not my ears (at least not the primary problem). And the problem was not really with the phone. The problem was that something was interfering in between my ears and the phone. Prayer can be like this. Sometimes, internal distractions get in the way. It may be stress, worry, or fatigue. It could be the distraction of uncompleted tasks. Or it could be frustration from relationships which are floundering. In order to hear clearly again, we can ask God to deal with the things that come between Him and us.