Meteor Shower

Thursday morning, I took my son down the road to view the Perseid meteor shower. We noticed several things. First of all, there is a lot of light pollution coming from Chicago and surrounding towns. It obliterated any of the smaller meteors that were close to the horizon. There was also the occasional light intrusion from a passing car (but not too many at 3:00 AM). Second, the “shooting stars” which we did see were only briefly visible. We couldn’t predict their exact location (though they were mostly in the Northeast). We needed patience and concentration. Third, other things vied for our attention. A passing satellite looked like a very slow moving meteor that moseyed its way across the sky. An owl flew past us to the east. Prayer can be like this. There are generalized background distractions that are constantly present (like light pollution). And there are more specific distractions that come and go. In addition, we need patience and concentration for serious prayer.