The Walk of Enoch

Enoch, we read, walked with God three hundred years. That was a long time to be in communion with Him. He did not walk slowly and reluctantly, but kept pace with God. How little is said of Enoch; how brief is his biography! Many volumes are written of Napoleon; much is said of Caesar and other great men of the world. Enoch walked with God. Did he see God by his side? Only by faith. He knew that the Lord was there and he honored God in every affair of life. In his home and in his business. And by remembering God and following His counsel, he was transformed in character and became a godly man, whose ways pleased the Lord. He talked with Him. He recognized the Divine Presence. And in the days of Enoch the world was no more favorable for the perfection of Christian character than in 2015. The godly character of this prophet presents the state of holiness which must be attained by those who shall be redeemed from the earth.