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Natural Beauty

  • Hydrotherapy: Water - an integral part of our bodies and the planet on which we live, without it, we can only survive for seven days, in short, water is essential for life.  Studies have confirmed that without 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, our bodies cannot function at full capacity. However, can the water have an equally important impact on our health when used externally?  The term “hydrotherapy” is believed to have sprung up in the 5th century B.C. when the Greek physician Hippocrates first documented its effectiveness. Hydrotherapy refers to the therapeutic use of water at any temperature or form including; ice packs, steam, and hot baths. Medical science continues to discover the healing benefits of hydrotherapy.
  • Natural Remedies: Side effects of modern pharmaceuticals are one of the leading causes of death in the US today. (JAMA, July 26, 2000, 284(4) 483-5.)  Are there viable alternatives to relieve suffering and bring about lasting cure? If we look back into history, we will find many records of successful pain management and relieving of symptoms using only natural remedies such as herbs, water, charcoal, and even fruits and vegetables!  In this hands-on lecture we will show you how to prepare and use activated charcoal as an effective remedy for venomous bites, nausea and diarrhea! Learn how to prepare herbal tinctures, and use vegetables as a healing remedy for many aliments.
  • Natural Cosmetics: The chemicals used in today’s cosmetics can leave negative long- term effects on our bodies, as our skin has a remarkable ability to absorb what we put on it. For this reason, we should buy only the best natural cosmetic products, or even better, make them ourselves. In this hands–on lecture we will show you how to make your own natural bar of soap from scratch, which is gentle enough even for the most problematic and sensitive skin types, as well as how to make your own lip balm.
Earlier Event: November 1
Weekly Prayer Meeting
Later Event: November 11
Elmhurst Sunshine band