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Changing your Brain can Change your Life

The Brain Science of Mirror Neurons and the Bible Friday June 2nd, at 7:00PM

Modern science can now be seen to corroborate a riveting Biblical principle. The concept of mirror neurons is described in the Bible and this message can change your life.

The Whole Duty of Man: Give Glory

Saturday June 3rd, at11:00AM

We have been given a message that is to go to all
the world. It is a mixture of science, the Bible and righteousness by faith. How do these things harmonize in the three angel’s message?

The Gut-Brain Connection

Saturday June 3rd, at 2:00PM

Today there is a cutting-edge science known as the gut-brain connection. The first scientific study in history was recorded in the Bible and it had to do with the gut-brain connection. Could it be that the majority of
our problems in life begin in the gut? Learn how the gut- brain connection can help overcome depression, anxiety, anger, lust and even help enhance student’s education.

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Little Light Ministries
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Elmhurst Sunshine Bands