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Spiritual Revival with Dr. Norman McNulty, MD

Friday, August 24, 2018

7:00 PM -8:30 PM - Remnant but Laodicean

Sabbath, August 25, 2018

9:30 AM -10:45 AM - Revelation's Sanctuary Theme

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM - Sleeping at Midnight

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM - The Third Angel's Message for this Time

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM - Daniel 11 and the End of the World



Elmhurst Seventh-day Adventist Church

246 West Butterfield Road

Elmhurst, IL 60126




Norman McNulty, MD, is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Lawrenceburg, TN.  Prior to starting his neurology practice in Lawrenceburg, he served for two years as a missionary at the Adventist hospital in Trinidad.  He served in senior leadership capacities of Advent HOPE Sabbath School and Southwest Youth Conference while in Loma Linda.  He enjoys studying and speaking about Adventism's prophetic message and mission in his free time and travels throughout the world to share on these topics.  He is married to Joelle, and they have three daughters, Saralyn, Anneke, and Madeline.