Broccoli Salad


- 2 heads of broccoli

- 1 bunch of chopped chives

- 1-2 carrots

- ½ cup sunflower seeds or sunflower sprouts

- ½ cup raisins or dried cranberries

- 1 tbsp vegetable/vegan mayonnaise

- Black pepper, salt, vegetable seasoning to taste

- 1 tbs lemon juice


1. Wash and chop or grate the broccoli. Grate the carrots using a grater and finely chop the chives. Mix everything together in a bowl.

2. Place the raisins (or cranberries) along with the sunflower seeds in a bowl of hot water and soak for 15 min. Afterwards, pour out the water and add the contents of the bowl to the salad. Add the sunflower sprouts directly into the salad without soaking them in water.

3. Add some kind of vegetable/vegan mayonnaise to the salad. Season to taste with salt, pepper, herbs, vegetable seasoning as well lemon juice.